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Chicagoland Thermal Imaging Inspection Services

Chicagoland Thermal Imaging Inspection ServicesBuildings of all sorts, from homes to factories to high rises, can be troubled by problems related to design, construction, maintenance or emergency situations such as fire or floods.  These problems can be difficult to diagnose and resolve without the help of a Chicagoland Thermal Imaging Contractor

Some of the major problems found in buildings include:

  • Mositure damage due to leaks, condensation, or emergency situations
  • Ice damage to sloped roofs
  • Poor HVAC distribution or performance
  • Electrical system faults and resistance
  • Excessive energy use due to missing or damaged insulation, and excessive air-leakage across the thermal perimeter

Use of infrared thermography is a fast, efficient, nondestructive method of locating these problems, in many cases before they can affect the health of the occupants and your bottom line.

Call our Chicagoland Thermal Imaging Inspectors for an initial consultation and survey. We can customize clear and concise reporting to meet your needs.

Chicagoland Infrared Thermal Inspection

Our Chicagoland Thermal Imaging Contractors Provide These Detailed Services

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Thermal Inspection
  • Infrared Thermal
  • Infrared Inspection
  • Heat Loss Inspection
  • Thermal Loss Inspection
  • Energy Loss Inspection
  • Thermal Infrared Inspection
  • Thermal Imagers
  • Thermal Imaging Inspection
  • Thermal Heat Inspection
  • Thermal Heat Loss


Why Chicagoland Should Hire Us for Thermal Imaging Inspection Services

Chicagoland Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermography is a valuable tool to use from residential homes to commercial buildings.  These high resolution cameras provide both thermal and digital images with thermal gradients that are clearly defined. The most up to date imaging software is used to generate detailed reports that are e-mail friendly.

We offer thermal imaging services that are a tremendous benefit on certain water losses.  When home or business owners have a consistent water problem, thermography may be used to determine the source of the water damage whether caused from a leaky pipe, ice dam, roof leak, etc.

Inspection service fee is $250 on commercial property $150 on residential properties. Fee will be refunded if RGC finds issues that need to be addressed and is honored the job.

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