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Property Maintenance & Repairs for REO Properties, Bank Owned Properties & Foreclosures

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At Restruction General Contractors, LLC, we believe strongly that a company is only as good as the relationships it is able to build and maintain over time. Partnerships are developed by paying attention to needs, communication, earning and extending trust. We realize that these qualities belong as much in the marketplace as they do in personal life. You can trust our ability to serve you well as we manage your project from start to completion.

Asset Protection

RGC treats each distressed property with special care. We look at a Chicagoland REO properties as more than a chance to earn money. For us, it is about improving the neighborhood. Helping families find homes and protecting your investment. We go to great efforts to ensure that the asset will not be affected by vandalism, theft, or neglect. It is our pleasure to be entrusted with your properties.

Industry knowledge

RGC understands the risk that is involved when trusting a vendor to secure, maintain or preserve any distressed property. It is difficult to trust that a project will be completed according to your request, especially when your reputation is on the line. We will help you worry less where risk is concerned. With a wide knowledge of industry guidelines and a large panel of qualified contractors, we will make you look good.

Our Services

RGC offers a comprehensive range of residential services to assist our clients with their assets. Each is designed to provide security, maintenance and/or repairs to prevent vacant properties from being neglected. A once well-maintained property can become an eye-sore when no one is living in it. We are available to convert distressed properties into performing properties.

Our Services for Chicagoland REO Properties Include:

Maintenance Features

  • initial lawn maintenance
  • bush hogging
  • recurring lawn maintenance
  • tree/shrub trimming
  • interior debris removal
  • exterior debris removal
  • personal property eviction
  • vehicle removal
  • hazardous materials removal
  • janitorial clean
  • securing construction materials
  • gutter cleaning
  • power washing
  • recurring pool maintenance
  • snow removal

Preservation Features

  • water removal due to flooding
  • mold remediation
  • administer utilities
  • animal removal
  • pest control
  • erosion control estimates
  • roof repair estimates
  • leakage repair estimates
  • cosmetic repair estimates
  • winterization

Security Features

  • changing locks on exterior doors
  • lockbox installation
  • board up for open entry points
  • window and door installation
  • garage door installation
  • securing HVAC units
  • security fence installation
  • pool security

Why Chicagoland Should Hire Us for Their REO Property Maintenance Needs

At Restruction General Contractors, LLC we can take care of all your REO property needs from construction to restoration to property maintenance. You don't have to deal with multiple contractors or maintenance companies - all you have to do is call RGC, and we'll take care of the rest. We are licensed, bonded, and insured general contractor and family owned Chicagoland restoration company that cares about addressing our clients' needs in an efficient manner with quality services.

Through highly trained staff and strong work ethic, we strive to offer unsurpassed customer satisfaction with our property maintenance services. We continually educate ourselves and maintain our operation with industrial and environmental standards in mind, ensuring you receive excellent quality results. We have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, and we hold a variety of professional memberships and certifications for your peace of mind and quality assurance. Take the hassle out of your property maintenance needs - call RGC today, and let us provide you with a comprehensive, complete maintenance program for your REO properties.

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