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Chicago, IL Pressure Washing Services

Chicagoland Handyman ServicesOur professionals at Restruction General Contractors (RGC) have been dedicated to providing superior quality pressure washing services to Chicago, IL and surrounding areas. Chicagoland homeowners count on us for providing professional pressure washing results that keep their properties sparkling clean.

Your curb appeal is important, especially when entertaining family or friends, and many times your property may need a little sprucing up to get it looking its best.

This time of year is perfect for getting your sidewalks, rooftops, decks, siding, driveways, and more looking sharp so you’ll have the rest of the year to enjoy all your outdoor activities without worrying about that old looking, dirty sidewalk or all the debris that stained up your roof.

Our professional pressure washing services at RGC will remove all the dirt and grime that has accumulated on and around your home. With the dirty layers gone, your sidewalks and more will look spotless and new again.


Deck Cleaning

Deck cleaning is a great solution to a dull, weathered looking deck. You’ll find that your deck surface can be easily restored with our pressure washing services. We can then seal your deck so it looks great again!

The natural elements constantly create a pattern that works together to embed dirt and grime into every surface on the exterior of your home. Coupled with spilled stains, dropped gum that’s stepped on, pets, or kids messes, the outside areas of your home can be hard to keep clean.

Siding Cleaning

You’ll be amazed what a pressure washing can do for the siding and roof of your home as well. In fact, many times you’ll find that you didn’t have to repaint the entire exterior after all because the service left everything looking great.


Roof Cleaning

Your roof can build up a lot of debris very quickly, especially with the accumulation of leaves, tree twigs, foliage, or snow and grime.

Pressure washing techniques that offer a softer approach is often used on rooftops so the building materials aren’t damaged. Whether you need a full powered wash or a softwash, our technicians will handle your materials with care while still getting them powerfully cleaned.

Cleaning and washing are a part of the required maintenance of your beautiful home's deck and other outdoor surfaces. Over a year’s time, plenty can happen to make your home look weathered and old. What’s great is that even with just a once a year pressure washing, you can have a home that looks great.

Make sure your surfaces stay clean and well-maintained by calling our professional pressure washing team! Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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