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Winter Driving Safety Tips!

February 8, 2013 at 4:20 pm | Category: Safety

When the weather turns to snow or ice, staying home should always be your first option. But at RGC, we know that is not always possible. Emergencies happen, we need to check on a loved one, or maybe your job necessitates you driving to work.

For anyone who has to be on the road, all of us at RGV would like you to consider these important safety tips:

1. Make sure your car is properly equipped with correct levels of anti freeze and windshield wiper fluid.

2. You should have good tread on your tires, a sound battery and clean headlights and tailights.

3. Take along a flashlight and keep a warm blanket in the car.

4. Make sure your cell phone is charged and keep a charger in your car, in case of an emergency.

Our priority is to provide you with Safety Tips that will help keep you safe on the roads in bad weather.

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