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Who To Call For Chicagoland Maintenance & Restorations On Investment Properties

Category: Restoration

One of the problems associated with investment properties is that the owner isn’t able to maintain it on a regular basis because they are located elsewhere. Most often, a property management company is chosen to care for the property. However, if the property isn’t going to be rented to tenants, problems can arise because there […]

RGC Extreme Weather Tips

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10 Great Reasons To Clean You Carpet (Or Rugs) On a Regular Basis

Category: Home Repairs

1. Extend the wear life: Carpet and fiber manufacturers recommend carpets should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months. This helps remove damaging soils, keeps the appearance looking like new, and helps extend the wear life, maximizing your investment in your floor covering. 2. Indoor air quality: Carpets act like filters, trapping airborne pollutants. Dust, […]

Keep Mold From Growing in Your Chicago Home

Mold is a very common concern for most Chicago homeowners, and it always seems to happen when you least expect it.  But there are ways to secure your home against unwanted water damage. Here are a few tips to make sure your home is mold free. And if you find Chicago mold in your home, […]

Prevent Expenses and Personal Losses with Westmont Water Restoration Companies

Category: Water Damage

Water damage to your basement and foundation has irreparable and permanent repercussions. A flood can easily ruin all your valuables and furnishings and eventually  invisible toxic mold growth can appear on the  floor, walls, and can affect the quality of your air and lead to serious health conditions. Working with and finding a Westmont water […]

Need Restoration Services Due to the Recent Chicago-Area Flooding?

Category: Home Repairs

Restruction General Contractors offer our deepest sympathies if you are dealing with the aftermath of the recent flooding in our area, and offer our services to help you restore your home. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year to dispatch our experienced emergency flood response crews to provide an estimate and to give you […]

April Showers Bring May … Chicago Water Damage Repair?

Category: Restoration

Water damage repairs are necessary to ensure that the structure of your Chicago house is safeguarded and protected from deterioration. As we all know, water damage is a big concern for many Chicago homeowners. It is a form of loss that results from the intrusion of water across specific areas or an entire level of […]

Winter Driving Safety Tips!

Category: Safety

When the weather turns to snow or ice, staying home should always be your first option. But at RGC, we know that is not always possible. Emergencies happen, we need to check on a loved one, or maybe your job necessitates you driving to work. For anyone who has to be on the road, all of us […]

Accessibility in Northbrook Kitchen Renovation

Category: Renovation

  Many Northbrook families find it necessary to consider accessibility in designing their kitchen because of a family member with a disability or because of aging family members who are experiencing some physical limitations. At this time, there is no code of accessible design for residential homes. There are, however, sets of guidelines for various […]

Planning Chicagoland Home Repairs Can be Economical

Category: Home Repairs

Doing home improvements ranges from simple to complicated projects.  At times it could hurt your pocket.  Some builders would say that Chicagoland home repairs alone could be as costly as a new construction.  Although the scope of work may only include portions of the house, among those to be considered are the standard costs that […]

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